The Monteverdi Spa and Wellness Center

Be Taken to Nirvana

What good is life if the body, mind, and soul can’t revel in it? In a time where tranquility, calm and wellbeing are at a premium, we put a premium on providing it.

This year we are thrilled to welcome a new wellness center and expansion of our breathtaking spa. Together they create a holistic and tailored approach to wellbeing,  promoting a lifestyle of balance, harmony and beauty. 

Welcome to the Monteverdi Spa and Wellness Center.



Nestled in the iconic rolling hills of Tuscany, our newly expanded oasis exists to restore, rejuvenate and energize bodies and minds restless from the banalities of modern life. For more than a year, we have thoughtfully expanded and carefully developed a menu that refreshes signature experiences and adds a range of new facial and body treatments. Experience our distinctive approach that blends ancient beauty rituals and time-tested luxury beauty products with modern treatments and therapies.

Open Daily from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.

Wellness Center

Opening Fall 2022 

Every wellness journey is as unique as it is personal. This summer, we welcome the addition of our Wellness Center where we will offer a full range of treatments including: dermatologic and aesthetic medicine, regenerative medicine, IV therapy, cryotherapy, preventative therapies and assessments and healthy lifestyle planning.

Under the direction of our qualified medical team, guests are welcomed to experience a wellness journey tailored to their exact needs. 

Private & Open Yoga Classes

Elevate your yoga practice and explore the greatest expressions of the yoga discipline including Hatha, Pranayama and Vinyasa. Our teachers bring yoga enthusiasts and workout lovers a series of classes with varying intensities. Experience a moment of personal and meditative care in a breathtaking studio or on our new outdoor yoga platform.