Villa San Pietro

Once you step into your elegant two-bedroom home, you may never want to leave.

  • The inviting living room is furnished with comforts that replenish your mind and body, including an oversized couch and handcrafted bookshelves filled with classic literature.
  • An ultra-modern kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances makes preparing tiramisu as effortless as mastering the perfect doppio.
  • The master suite downstairs is a true haven for the senses, where you can lounge in lavish hand-sewn leather recliners or unwind with an Umberto Eco novel on a bed made of hand-dyed linens.
  • A generously-sized bathroom and wonderfully contemporary rain shower, both hand carved, will also help refresh your spirits from head to toe.
  • One additional bedroom and bath provide a welcome sanctuary for friends and family, who will feel equally at home as they bask in the same comforts.
  • Wireless Internet access throughout your villa, along with a fax machine, give you instant contact with the world at large.
  • A cutting-edge audio system and flat screen television allow you to unwind with Donizetti or Francis Ford Coppola if you so choose.

Sipping an Italian wine you have never tried before is one of many new experiences you will savor inside your spectacular villa.

Villa San Pietro                    2 Beds, 2 Baths                   9,500€ (EURO) per week


Download our FLOOR PLAN PDF for Villa San Pietro.

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