Pietro Pasolini

Pietro Pasolini was born in Brazil in 1992. Raised in Italy, at the age of 16 he left the peninsula for London and then Hong Kong. From 2013 to 2016 he traveled extensively throughout the Asian continent to document the lives and traditions of isolated communities and ethnic minorities and tribal groups. In September 2016 Pasolini moved to New York, obtaining a master’s degree in photography at the International Center of Photography (ICP). While in America, Pasolini’s work underwent a considerable change, evolving into a careful reflection on the way we perceive and accept our surroundings. His practice questions the notion of reality as objective truth, presenting it instead as an “ever-changing vortex”. Impermanence and vulnerability, essential characteristics of life, become the focus of his work that, through the choice of precarious materials, is predisposed to be reinterpreted throughout time. Pasolini’s works are born through a close cooperation between the artist and nature and it is the proximity with the impermanence of the natural world that gives some of his works an evolutionary ability.

He currently lives and works between New York and Capalbio.


2018: Rome, Group Exhibition, The Orange Garden, “ Hyperland”

2018: Capalbio, Group Exhibition, La Vallonea, “ Nuova Terra/ Antica”

2017: Rome, Solo exhibition, Gallery Valentina Bonomo, “UnStill Life”

2017: Miami, Group Exhibition, Locust Projects.

2017: Capalbio, Group Exhibition, Capalbio Contemporary, “Undisclosed Stories”

2017: Capalbio, Group exhibition,Galleria il Frantoio, Tree Line Residency, “Down to Earth”

2016: Rome, Group exhibition, The Orange Garden, “Aporia”

2016: New York, Group exhibition, International Center of Photography, “Another kind of Paradise”.

2016: New York Solo exhibition, Gallery OneTwentyEight,”Microcosm”.

2016: Rome, Group exhibition, The Orange Garden, “ Emergenza”

2015: Milan, Solo exhibition, Galleria Superstudio Piu, “The forgotten world of photography”.

2014: Roma,  Solo exhibition, Galleria RossoCinabro, “Portraits of a changing world”.


2011 – 2013 King’s College London, BA International Politics

2013   Saint Martins University, Documentary Photography

2014   Hong Kong University, Documentary video making

2015 – 2016 International Center of Photography, MA Photography, New York

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Time:   Spring 2019

Location:   The Monteverdi Gallery