May 18, 2019

Soqquadro Italiano

Vincenzo Capezzuto and His Ensemble

Who’s Afraid of Baroque? An inspired dialogue between ancient and modern music, a playful fusion of jazz improvisation and baroque variation, a mix of Commedia dell’Arte and Swing.

Soqquadro Italiano is a group founded by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto. They are internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative expressions of the European Classical Crossover scene (the word “Soqquadro” means: turmoil, to put everything up-side-down). Its musical repertoire ranges from ancient music to jazz, pop and electronic music.  Soqquadro Italiano has held concerts in Belgium, Italy, Holland, Russia, Germany, Spain, Ecuador. Soqquadro Italiano currently stages the following programs:  Who’s afraid of baroque? – From Monteverdi to Mina – Stabat Mater-Vivaldi project –  La Stravaganza –  SCHUBERT – Nobody’s room – Soqquadro Italiano feat. Teatraktis percussionsLA PASSIONE – Bach project. Soqquadro Italiano has produced these Cds: 2014, Numero Zero – Qdisc (box with vinyl + CD) 2015, Numero Uno – Live (CD deluxe) 2018, Numero Due – Schubert.

Another unique initiative is the Soqquadro Italiano Days: a music festival created by the Soqquadro Italiano association to experiment new ways of enjoying live music. This format offers unusual opportunities for meetings and sharing between audience and artists, which integrate the musical and touristic experience.

About This Event:

Date:   May 18, 2019

Time:   7:00 p.m.

Price:   Free

Location:   Sant'Andrea Church