May 26, 2023

Pedro Rojas-Ogáyar: Guitar Concert

As part of 2023 Concert Series, we are glad to present Pedro Rojas-Ogáyar.

Pedro Rojas-Ogáyar is the co-founder and co-artistic director of the musical experimentation ensemble OCNOS along with the musician Gustavo A. Domínguez Ojalvo. Rojas-Ogáyar has received an artistic education with a classical guitar degree and a master’s degree in Performing Arts. He has performed globally in countries such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain.

Throughout his musical career, Rojas-Ogáyar has collaborated with artists such as Raquel Andueza, Niño de Elche, Xavier Xabata, Nicola Beller Carbone, Germán Alonso, Nuria Nuñez-Hierro, Alberto Carretero, Luz Prado, Paco Gámez, Lola Blasco, Rafael R. Villalobos, and María Cabeza de Vaca, among others. Nowadays, he is working on the repertoire composed for voice and guitar with the soprano Rocío de Frutos and leads several projects of training focused on exploring the interaction of music with other performing arts disciplines.  


About This Event:

Date:   May 26, 2023

Time:   7pm

Location:   Lounge Bar