September 25, 2021

Podere Le Ripi x Oreade

In our quest to discover the purest products, we have the pleasure of meeting wondering people who possess the ultimate respect for nature, admirable passion and care for their craft. These relationships forged with like-minded producers have brought us together to create a series of unforgettable evenings.

Our first evening celebrates our partnership with Podere Le Ripi, a biodynamic vineyard rooted in 75 acres of beautiful Montalcino terroir. Their love and sacrifice behind producing incredible wines merged with our culinary passion and incredible flavors will awaken allĀ  your senses. Join us in this beautiful journey on September 25 for a one-night-only dining experience unfolding over a tasting menu.

Seats are limited and reservations are recommended. A valid green pass grants access to the restaurant. Contact for reservations or call +39.0578.268.146.

About This Event:

Date:   September 25, 2021

Price:   110

Location:   Oreade