Dr. Aliza Pravettoni

Dr. Aliza Pravettoni is a renowned aesthetic surgeon registered with the Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Milan, specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She brings her expertise to Monteverdi to offer the latest cutting-edge techniques in her field. She offers a patient-centric approach to foster relationships based on trust, ensuring individual needs are met throughout the treatment journey.

Dr. Pravettoni is a dedicated freelancer and attends to patients at accredited facilities in Milan and she gained experience at major hospitals in the city.

With over 10 years of experience as a Level I Medical Executive at IRCCS Multimedica and additional expertise at INT, Dr. Pravettoni's skill and knowledge are ever growing. With Dr. Aliza Pravettoni, patients receive expert care from a skilled and compassionate professional.

In residence September 14-17, 2023