Margaret Tew Romero

Margaret Tew Romero is a PTA Global certified personal trainer with a passion for helping her clients feel the best they can so they can live their best life, achieve their goals, and enjoy life to its fullest. Margaret meets her clients in their present state and helps move them forward, whether they are trying to shed a few pounds and tone up, increase strength, flexibility and mobility or change their habits to improve their overall health and performance.

Margaret enjoys advancing her professional education through additional certifications, workshops and classes, keeping herself up to date on the science of movement, nutrition, trends in the industry, corrective exercises, and anything that will help her clients in their quest for health.

Margaret is a Precision Nutrition coach, Power Plate certified, Animal Flow certified and a TRX certified trainer. She has also completed the Institute of Motion’s mentorship and PTA Global’s mentorship programs, 2 multi-day cadaver labs with Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains, and attends the Equinox High Performance Living Symposium and Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives Conferences annually.

Margaret is a cancer survivor, the mother of an active 10 year old daughter and a lifelong fitness enthusiast who lives with her husband in Menlo Park, CA.