Food & Wine

Be Taken by the Taste of Tuscany

Every bite, every ingredient, every sip is a love letter to Italy. Our executive chef, Giancarla Bodoni, leads a team that will take you into a state of sensorial appreciation for all that is good in food and wine at the heart of Tuscany.

Be taken by Giancarla and her team’s immaculate focus on seasonality, which invites our guests to eat regional specialties in harmony with that season’s natural bounty.

Here, every meal is an invitation to be transported to a place where memories, conversations, and quiet glances of deep appreciation flow abundantly.


Intentionally sourced and carefully plated, our fine-dining concept celebrates each season with products cultivated by local producers, our friends, whose farms dot the Tuscan landscape. Taste the passion and integrity of pure Tuscan produce complimented by a selection of current and rare wines in an elegant atmosphere. 

Open Daily Breakfast  7:30 am-10:30 am | Lunch 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Dinner 7:30-9:30 pm

Library Bar

This cozy space is perfect for those in need of a space to relax, read a book, enjoy aperitivo, or to just be while taking in breathtaking views of the Val d’Orcia and Mount Cetona. Enjoy a full menu of espresso drinks or cold-pressed juices in the daytime or a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail each evening.

Open daily 11:00 am - 6.00 pm

Lounge & Terrace Bar

Join us in the lounge to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail, sit by the fire, and take in the curated selection from our private art collection. This inviting space is anchored by a Fazioli piano where, on many nights, you can experience a concert performed by one of our frequent artists-in-residence. Just outside, on our private terrace, be taken by breathtaking sunsets. 

Open daily 5:00 pm-11:00 pm


Opening May 2022 

For centuries the Tuscan climate has nourished the soul and soil, producing some of the world’s best produce, day after day. Our newest casual concept celebrates the ritual of daily dining and the joy of gathering around the table to experience pure products and a menu featuring dishes made for sharing.

"Chef Giancarla Bodoni’s cooking is superb based on farm-to-table freshness, intelligence, and imagination."


Culinary Mastery

Chef Giancarla Bodoni

Executive Chef Giancarla Bodoni presides over all the culinary offerings at Monteverdi Tuscany, including Oreade, the Enoteca, the Culinary Academy and our private dining experiences.

For over 25 years, Chef Giancarla has been a pioneer of the organic, slow-food movement. She passionately sources and fills Monteverdi’s kitchens with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Chef seizes every opportunity to take advantage of the abundance that surrounds our village – from the world-class wines in the region to the finest products from small family farms that dot the Tuscan landscape.

Hands On Learning

Culinary Academy

From private dining to cooking classes, Monteverdi provides culinary experiences you will not forget. 

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