Accepting guests beginning January 2022

Monteverdi exists as a place to live life fully, deeply, richly. A place to experience the very best in hospitality, design, art, architecture, music, food and wine, all in the pristine and timeless Tuscan countryside of your dreams. A place that celebrates the beauty and brilliance of human vision. We are excited that brilliant scientific minds are now on the verge of conquering the COVID virus. Most experts predict that 80% of the population of Italy and Europe will be fully vaccinated by the end of 2021, thereby allowing governments to end the lockdowns, restore unimpeded travel and re-open countries.

Until then we will continue to be busy expanding our Val d’Orcia paradise into the finest oasis of beauty, health and wellness in the travel world. Our stunning spa is growing into the Monteverdi Spa and Regenerative Clinic. Under the direction of a licensed physician, the Regenerative Clinic will offer guests an array of treatments and programs to promote a vigorous mind and body, to enhance life well lived. We are finishing the construction of a new restaurant to complement our fine dining venue, Oreade. We are building a meeting and retreat center for the most exclusive conclaves of executives, board members, wellness and longevity experts and other thought leaders. We are also adding three spacious new hotel suites.

Our offices are open to take your reservation now for arrival beginning January 1, 2022.