Maurizio Baglini

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Solo piano performance

About the artist:
Visionary pianist, with a taste for musical challenges, Maurizio Baglini has an intense international concert career. His wide record production for Decca/Universal includes music by Liszt, Brahms, Schubert, Domenico Scarlatti, Mussorgsky, the Live at Amiata Piano Festival series and the first 5 CDs of the complete piano works by Schumann. He is among the few virtuosos in the world who perform the “Ninth Symphony” by Beethoven in the transcendental piano transcription by Liszt, and in 2020 he exceeded the record of one hundred performances. He has created the innovative “Web Piano” project in which his live performances are accompanied by video projections by the artist
Giuseppe Andrea L’Abbate. He regularly plays with the cellist Silvia Chiesa, with whom he has performed more than 250 concerts worldwide. He is artistic director of the Amiata Piano Festival and he has been artistic consultant for music and dance at Teatro Comunale “Verdi” of Pordenone. He plays a Fazioli grand piano.

September 14
Chiesa di Sant'Andrea